Get Your Driver’s License

In Vermont, you must be 18 years old to get your driver’s license (junior driver’s licenses are available for 16- and 17-year-olds under certain circumstances). If you are under 18, you can begin the process by getting your learner’s permit and taking a driver’s education course.

If you are 18 or over, you can also start the process of getting your license by getting your learner’s permit. You will be able to schedule a road test at the DMV as soon as you have your permit; however, to make sure that you pass the road test, you will want to log some hours of driving practice with a licensed driver first.

Regardless of your age, getting help from a DMV-licensed driving instructor is a great way to start. Check out the list of instructors below!

Driver Education in Chittenden County

802 Driving School (Richmond)
Associates in Driving (Williston)
Be Cool Driving School (Burlington)
Cow Tales (Sheldon)
Epic Driving (Essex)
Precision Driver Training School (Essex)